The declaration of

International Communist Union

"Events in USA and their consequence"

Domestic and foreign mass media are full of "antiterrorist" hysteria in connection with the terrorist acts in USA (11th of september). Politics and the journalists call to toughening of internal policy in their states, and it is already reflected in the legislation of some states. So in USA the opportunity of listening and shadowing in internet is considerably facilitated. Politics and the journalists call to increase the military charges and other charges by power structures and to bring down all military power of the state on "terrorists". Thus everyone on "their": USA on Afghanistan or Iraq, Israel on Palestine, Russia on Chechnya. Not for the first time the World Powers (which conscience have such amount of victims, which did not dream any Ben Laden) try to punish for cruelty and terror just those peoples, which were in the past and remain in the present, victims of western capital. What actually occurs? What is the valid reason of anti-islamic hysteria in a "civilized" society?

In the economic plan: the terrorist acts in USA of September 11 of this year have shown, that the world enters in epoch of end of peace redivision of the market of the investments. The bubble of "post-industrial" society has bursted, spurted blood and dirt.

For maintenance of American dollar, Federal Reserve System (FRS) of USA has spent 108 billions for two days, 12 and 13 of September. Per the same days FRS has requested of the European Central bank in addition to the already spent sum of 100 billions of dollars. After that was made the agreement between FRS and European Central Bank, on which CB prepares 50 billions of dollars.

In first and in the second World Wars, USA and Great Britain were the allies, but USA steel conducting imperialist state, and GB has lost empire. Now USA are compelled to ask money the European Central Bank for maintenance of dollar, in this connection it is possible to speak about change of the relations between the European and American financial groups. We notice the latent struggle between them. Euro throws an economic call to American dollar. There are increase small (in the meantime) conflicts between the old allies. Because of the relation to global rise in temperature (USA, contrary to the international arrangements, refuse to limit emissions of carbonic acid in an atmosphere), because of unwillingness of America to cancel a death penalty, and now still because of where more serious problem in connection with the plans on expansion National anti-missile defense.

The weakening of largest imperialist state may be profitable, first of all, to competitors, therefore USA prepare "the action of punishment" without appropriate participation of NATO. And it besides, that absolutely recently NATO began operation in Macedonia "without appropriate participation" of America. If the Balkan war has resulted to fall euro concerning dollar, now situation varies. By and large, but the events of 11th of September have given the long-awaiting occasion to government and military-industrial complex of USA, for to carry out the old military-strategic plans.

In the political plan: we see unity among conducting imperialist countries against terrorism from the side of moslem bourgeoisie which are growing, but not capable to compete on equal. Russia also tries to conduct own game on this field. But this unity is short-lived. Very soon will be clearly, that each country have own "terrorists" and "states-outcasts" - the policy of USA, which requiring of all countries the world to tell, on whose side, American or terrorists, it is, very soon will conflict to economic and military-political interests of the competitors from Europe, Russia, Japan, China and, at last, countries of East.

In this clash of imperialist and "terrorists" two capitalism resist each other.

Imperialist capital uses happened for escalating own "muscles" and military presence at various regions of the world. Besides that, there are made utmost for association of the population of the countries around of governments, that is bourgeoisie, at the expense of a forcing of anti-islamic hysteria. Thus the working class should forget about struggle for the interests just in that moment, when the growing problems of capitalist system have resulted in approach to his vital level and his social gains.

Moslem capital uses the despair of masses in his interests, caused of themes, that capitalism by virtue of the nature divides the countries on "rich" and "poor". Really, the hatred of the peoples of East to Western, and first of all to American imperialism has an objective basis under itself. Decades (and somewhere also centuries) of colonial and uncolonial domination, robbery and exploitation which has not stopped their influences and now, have prepared millions people ready to give back the life in struggle against foreign enslavers.

As a result of it the inhabitants, which lead up to despair, of these countries become the instrument in hands own bourgeoisie. Among working masses of the "poor" countries are widespread the pessimism in many respects connected with myth about "crash of communism", they search the panacea from all troubles in the different forms of nationalism, religious fanaticism etc. Therefore task of communists is to dispel given myth, that inevitably requires and dethrone the myth about socialist character of former so-called socialist countries.

In this connection we declare:

Workers of the world unite!

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