Getting it over with world capitalism - states and terrorists - or being buried under its ashes


All the victims are the victims of the world capital

The tragic events to New York will have an incalculable range on the international situation and the existence of all the workers of this planet.

The American State puts everywhere national flags exalting «the fatherland », proclaiming a permanent state of war and drafting "volunteers" for its army, "ready to die". It seeks to exploit to the last grain of ash the 6.000 victims of the World Trade Center who have perished in the destruction caused by the terrorists.

These deaths are not these ones of America. They were a majority of workers, from the workman to the engineer, a melting-pot of nationalities of the whole world, who sold each day their labour force for the international Capital. If it is proved that the terrorists were armed and formed by the billionaire Ben Laden, who holds a considerable place in the international financial capitalist system, the victims were indeed assassinated by the international Capital.

These deaths are not these ones of America. The United States –during years –armed and involved in the CIA’s camps the islamic guerrilleros from Aghanistan and other countries; to all these they taught the methods of the State terrorism. The creatures of America have assimilated well the military lessons of their Masters and turned over them against them.

The 6.000 victims of the World Trade Center cannot overwhelm the other victims of the capital. They are the victims of the bombings in Iraq, the children who die of hunger, the victims of the «impoverished plutonium » bombs; they are all the victims of the bombings in the former Yugoslavia; they are the million people whom the capital armed in Africa in conflicts without end which left million victims. It is true that for the main capitalist power a life of a officer of the Pentagon is worth – in terms of investment in capital –a million times more than one poor wretch life of workman, peasant and unemployed person, on the surface of this planet.

The ruins still smoking of the World Trade Center are more than one objective, which the terrorists targeted against the American capital. The twin towers broke down as break down the international economic markets now, as breaks down any hope of economic revival.

These ruins are part of the ruins that the world Capital, in its various national ramifications, has left throughout the world: from Chetchenya to Serbia, from Africa to South-East Asia, battle fields between the various imperialisms, small or large, or between terrorist armed bands.

Consequences and perspectives

The Americans - and their Western allies - will send their army in Afghanistan and will bomb all the country, where is supposed to currently be hiden Ben Laden. Their «revenge »- attacks against symbols of their power – will let die much human beings, more than the 6.000 victims of the terrorist attacks in the USA. And the intervention with ground American troops will put an end to zero «dead » option, hammered from 1991 to 1999. The American capital in this new period will require the life and the blood of its «boys ».

This «punishment » by the main gendarme of the capitalist world is involved in a long-term strategy: to control the oil pipelines of their Arab allies, and in the Middle-East; to install a permanent military presence in Central Asia, and in Pakistan, at the borders of China and Russia. This policy is in the continuity of the policy pursued since the war in the gulf in 91 and in the Balkans in 99.

The major problem is that the United States plays with fire: while intervening in a country of «radical Islamism », attached in fact to the countries of the Arabian Gulf and Pakistan, they make only worsen the situation. The American ideology of defense of «the democratic values » is of little impact vis-a-vis the ideology of islamist countries which present their «terrorist » crusade (djihad) as a revenge of «the poor countries » against «the rich countries », following in that Mussolini who in the past spoke about a confrontation between «affluent nations » and «proletarian nations ». And «the Islamic djihad » strangely points out « the holy war » of «the Eastern peoples », proclaimed by the Russian State capitalism in Baku in 1920.

The Israeli policy followed by the radical right-wing government (Sharon), with the downstream of the USA, to operate «a cleansing »of the Palestinians makes only still worsen a situation, which the islamic forces and «their » sleeping partners use skilfully.

The Putin’s government is sure to obtain American comprehension and with the help of the acceptance of a provisional presence of some American troops in Tadjikistan, will be able to continue its action of ethnic cleansing in the Caucasus, against those which are drawn up against its will to control «the oil motorways » from the Caspian see to the Adriatic. With the risk of a destabilization still much larger in all the Central Asia, and the risk of a escalation of terrorism on a large scale.

The American intervention will not succeed in imposing the pax americana : it is a gigantic destabilization of the world which has to be expected.

As for the terrorists, whatever they are, far from disappearing under the American bombs: they will make only reappear in innumerable alive bombs on a favorable compost: that of the economic and social accelerated decomposition in the Third World, and of the open crisis of the world capitalist system.

Maintaining all is possible on the way which carries out towards a generalized barbarism in whole the world: if today the terrorists transform themselves into «traditional » kamikaze, as at the time of the Second World War; they can have more sophisticated instruments of mass killing tomorrow: chemical and bacteriological weapons, even miniaturized atomic bombs. The least secondary power (India, Pakistan, Israel, South Africa) has atomic bombs, that even Maffias (as in Russia) can sell off to their potential «clients». All that thus opens the way with a chain reaction threatening directly whole humanity.

In various places of the planet, nationalisms are strongly heated - a little like just before Sarajevo events in July 1914. All that can only generate gigantic pogroms on several continents, in the name of religions, whatever they are (Judaism-Christianity and Islam, Islam and hinduism) or of an so-called confrontation between «countries of the north » and «countries of the south ».

All these political-religious armed manoeuvres , agitating so-called «crusades of civilizations »- «democracy » against «barbarism », «Islamism »against « corrupted Occident » - have one objective: to persuade the exploited masses of the developed countries and the Third World that there is only one prospect: the most destroying and most suicidal nationalism.

September 11 2001 is well a black day in the history of humanity, if nothing is opposed to these chain reactions which are not any more pictures of virtual catastroph films but real images of the present.

A world which it is still time to change if we do not want to perish with it

For all the workers, workmen, peasants and unemployed people of the whole world, there is a real exit: a world socialist revolution, carried out by the international proletariat, to put an end to the immense social injustices, the massacres, the wars without end between nations, or armed bands; to operate true and equitable world distribution of the wealth, to rebuild a world which is destroyed every day by the world capitalism; to build a world without nations where finally humanity will be really unified.

The only event which can drag out the workers in whole world from the shock caused by the recent events, it is the crisis which is announced more serious and more brutal. It is a crisis which neither the military interventions of the ones nor the terrorist actions of the others, will be able to hide at long time. Vis-a-vis a threat of collapse, the workers of the whole world will be brought to put the only serious question: that of the final disappearance of a system which nourishes fatal chain wars, foolish terrorist actions, threatening the existence of whole humanity.

Only the workers of the whole world, rejecting any barrier of nation, religion, and so-called «race », can show proof by their strikes, their economic and political actions against the capitalists whatever they are, organized in States or in terrorist bands, that their determination to resist to an economic system -which leads them directly to nothing- is not broken down with the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

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