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The Marxist labour party was founded on the 24-25 of March, 1990.

In these conditions the Party of the Bolsheviks was compelled to assume functions of direct management of society and to proclaim the course to state capitalism. Thus the objective strengthening of the role of the administrative-bureaucratic apparatus during the transition policy of state capitalism led to the victory of those currents inside the Party which considered that this apparatus under the direction of the Communist party, but without genuine workers' power can construct socialism. The Bolsheviks did not destroy the State, it was the State which destroyed the Bolsheviks as the political party which had arisen in 1903. State capitalism turned from a tactical step of the RCP(B) into the self-purpose of the All-Union CP(B), arbitrary called 'socialism'.

With overcoming, in the 1930-s years, of the petty-bourgeois element in economy, there formed in the USSR a structure of society which basically survived till 1985. The mode of production of this time was capitalist. The private (individual) capitalists disappeared as a class, but the capitalist relations were not destroyed and assumed a specific character. It was a status of state capitalism.

There was confirmed the Marxist thesis that while the non-workers remain in power, until the dictatorship of the class of the proletarians is not established, any statification will not be the abolition of exploitation, but only variation of its form.

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