Nationalism out of the Balkans! Don't support the bombing!

We say NO WAR BUT THE CLASS WAR because:

Ethnic nationalism brings misery for the ordinary downtrodden people;

The interest of the Rulers of any country, multinational company, etc., are not our interests, as workers ans as "pawns" in their machiavellian games ;

' While non-violent direct action is a valid tactic in day-to-day resistance the world over, there comes a time when workers have to resist by any means necessary, united on a class understanding throughout the world, these rulers and their destructive impact on the planet to serve profit and power.

If they, the NATO rulers now bombing Yugoslavia, had examined their own history, they would have known that it does not weaken their enemy.

All the bombs that fell on Clydebank, Hanoi, or Iraq alienated those bombed from the agressors. The fact that so-called smart bombs are targeting destruction on military and strategic sites has made little difference.

What generals, air-force commanders and their media spokesmen called "collateral" damage has meant civilian deaths in Pristina and south of Belgrade. Any opposition to the ruling Socialist Party led by Miloseuc has been driven underground.

Before the Bosnia conflict, Serb workers besieged their parliament during protests. During the Croatia and Bosnia conflicts, anti-militarists including "Women in Black" made brave protests against Serb nationalist warmongering. Mistaken youth in Belgrade and elsewhere, seduced by the appeal of westem consumerism, thought the West was their ally.

The K.L.A. , set up with Western security help, welcome the bombing and consider NATO as their airforce. Such is their disdain for the suffering of their fellow Albanians in Kosow, they have played into the hands of the Serb nationalist faces who have now "ethnically cleansed" over half of the population through forced migration or male genocide. NATO has been out-thought by the rulers in Belgrade with the Serb forces dispersed; opponents of the regime neutralised, as in Montenegro; and largely unable to predict or destroy the paramilitary "ethnic cleansers".

Now a threat of wider conflict arises, with Russia threatening a pan-Slav anti-NATO alliance, China and other powers alarmed at the United States riding roughshod over intemational conventions in the Gulf and now Serbia, while at the same time overlooking atrocities carried out in Burma, East Timor, Kurdistan, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, when it doesn't suit them.

With Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic signed up as new members of NATO, if "ground" conflict did break out it could happen on a second front in Vojvodina, in northern Yugoslavia, and spread the war throughout the Balkans.

The ANARCHIST CIRCLE in Glasgow support the efforts of the committee to stop the bombing in the Balkans, but we go further than calls like "Welfare Not Warfare".

The only solution to the world we live in is a social revolution of the people against their rulers, politicians, business leaders, and all of the apologists for capitalism and its military diversions.

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c/o 28 King Street, Glasgow G1 5QP,

April 1999